About Light + Pixels…

Garion (real name: Steven Wee) is a 30-something male Singaporean digital photography hobbyist. Lightpixels (a.k.a. Light + Pixels) is his personal photoblog, depicting slices of everyday life captured in the form of digital images.

The name “Lightpixels” came about by combining the two basic elements of digital photography:

Light – The basis of all photography. Without light, there would be no images.

Pixels – The basic element of a digital photograph. Each “pixel” is a sample of an original image and varies in intensity and colour. Millions of “pixels” combine to make a digital image what it is.

Garion currently uses a Canon digital SLR system comprising of an EOS 5D and EOS 40D and an assortment of zoom and prime lenses ranging from 17mm (wide angle) to 500mm (super telephoto). His main photographic interests are nature, landscapes, events, streets and sports.

Some more samples of his work can be found at the following websites: http://garion.deviantart.com and http://garion.smugmug.com/Events/Sample-Portfolio/

He can be contacted at the following email address: pureflow -at- gmail dot com (replace “-at-” with @ w/o spaces and “dot” with .)


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